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Jehuda 2:02 am on June 27, 2015 Permalink  

Werner Herzog, call your office! How a mother and her baby survived a plane crash and five days in a Colombian jungle.


Jehuda 9:51 am on June 23, 2015 Permalink  

Hands-on compassion: Cook and Janitor of Nursing Home Kept Working without Pay Because ‘If We Left, They Wouldn’t Have Nobody’.


Jehuda 3:49 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink  

The new definition of racism? NYT: Democrats Desert Their President.

Oh, I forgot we only use racism to demagogue Republican opposition to POTUS. Never mind…


Jehuda 10:17 am on June 10, 2015 Permalink  

Science! Scientists Show Future Events Decide what Happens in the Past.


Jehuda 11:30 am on June 8, 2015 Permalink  

Charity FAIL: How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes.

“Non-profit” and “responsible” are not synonymous.  Also, the term doesn’t mean someone is not profiting…


Jehuda 11:11 pm on June 7, 2015 Permalink  

Film: The James Bond Theme Songs That Never Were.


Jehuda 2:17 pm on June 3, 2015 Permalink  

Life Imitates ‘The Onion': Pigeon arrested in India for espionage.


Jehuda 10:52 am on June 3, 2015 Permalink  

Candy Crowley might disagree: Bernie Sanders: I Want to Debate GOPers Before General Election, They ‘Get Away with Murder’.


Jehuda 12:56 am on June 3, 2015 Permalink  

Checks and Balances: Why India has never seen a military dictatorship.


Jehuda 11:57 am on June 2, 2015 Permalink  

Film: The visual effects of Mad Max: Fury Road.

One of the most amazing things about this movie is how much of its spectacle did not rely on digital visual effects.


Jehuda 3:49 pm on June 1, 2015 Permalink  

Question of the Day: What Do the New Spy Rules Mean For Me?


Jehuda 12:18 pm on May 15, 2015 Permalink  

Long live the King: B.B. King Dead: Blues Legend Was 89.

Saw him live only 2 or 3 years ago.  He remained seated during most of the performance, but he still put on a great show.  RIP.


Jehuda 11:00 pm on May 14, 2015 Permalink  

Big Professor Is Watching You: University’s Creepy Bias Reporting System Wants Students’ Names, Addresses, SSNs.

I would think messing with that stuff might eventually lead to a FERPA violation


Jehuda 4:15 pm on May 13, 2015 Permalink  

Travel: Eight Real Life “Star Wars†Locations You Can Visit.


Jehuda 5:43 pm on May 2, 2015 Permalink  

Collateral Damage from the War on Drugs: Court says DEA is allowed to secretly fill your truck with weed, get into firefights with Zetas.


Jehuda 5:29 pm on April 24, 2015 Permalink  

Workarounds: Forbidden from riding bikes, fearless Afghan girls are skateboarding around Kabul.


Jehuda 8:24 am on April 24, 2015 Permalink  

Epiphanies: Tippi Hedren admits: “We were stupid beyond belief to have that lion in our house.”

Better late than ever. This is not a 70s thing, by the way. Stuff like this is still going on today…


Jehuda 12:25 pm on April 22, 2015 Permalink  

Mythbusting: Ed Driscoll on Walter Cronkite: That’s the Way It Wasn’t.


Jehuda 11:02 pm on April 6, 2015 Permalink  

So this is what became of The New Republic: Headline: Rolling Stone’s Rape Article Failed Because It Used Rightwing Tactics to Make a Leftist Point.¨

I’m not making this up.  That is exactly what the headline says (see below).  I know.  It’s sad.  But the comments make it all worth it…


The New Republic


Jehuda 12:12 am on April 3, 2015 Permalink  

So it was a historic achievement as in “the deal is history” or “so pathetic it will be remembered with embarrassment for decades to come”: Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement.


Jehuda 6:07 pm on April 2, 2015 Permalink  

Life Imitates Dramatic Irony: President Obama Channels Frank Underwood of ‘House of Cards’.


Jehuda 10:39 pm on March 30, 2015 Permalink  

Everything old is new again: Popular Science: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion.


Jehuda 9:43 am on March 24, 2015 Permalink  

Unfortunate: Federal court rejects Third Amendment claim against police officers.

I hope they appeal. No agent of the state should ever help itself to your home without due process…or arrest you for refusing to consent to the intrusion.


Jehuda 8:25 am on March 24, 2015 Permalink  

They don’t make celebrities like they used to: Delightful Photos of 1940s Celebrities Walking Their Dogs in NYC.


Jehuda 3:22 pm on March 20, 2015 Permalink  

Science: Why stepping on Legos makes you want to die.


Jehuda 3:18 pm on March 20, 2015 Permalink  

Since 718: A Family-Owned Japanese Inn That Opened 1,300 Years Ago.


Jehuda 4:58 pm on March 17, 2015 Permalink  

Another Foreign Policy Failure For the White House: Israel’s Netanyahu declares victory in tight race.

One of many…


Jehuda 7:00 pm on March 1, 2015 Permalink  

Thugs with Badges and Law Licenses: Dishonest Cops and Prosecutors Conspire to Ruin Army Vet’s Life.

And they nearly ruined it, too, but for a few seconds of video. Too bad no one’s held them accountable…


Jehuda 6:03 pm on March 1, 2015 Permalink  

Stop Making Sense, Net Neutrality Edition: Seen on Facebook:



Jehuda 9:56 am on February 26, 2015 Permalink  

AKA Unconditional Surrender: Jon Stewart Leaving ‘Daily Show’ Because Conservatives “Killing Meâ€.

Who will be next?


Jehuda 12:56 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink  

Life Imitates The Onion Send a free sample to Al Gore: Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard.

I hear it’s a growth industry…


Jehuda 2:12 pm on February 23, 2015 Permalink  

The limits of party unity: Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned to accuse Obama of being anti-woman and anti-Semitic.

So at least we know what her priorities are…


Jehuda 10:39 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink  

Just in case you are headed that way: How to Survive Winter in Antarctica.


Jehuda 8:56 am on February 18, 2015 Permalink  

UH-OH: ‘American Sniper’ Effect: Rival Benghazi Movies Aim to Capitalize on War-Film Trend.

I must confess I find it amusing to see knee-jerk commenters around the web go into fits at the mere mention of this movie.  Not that it’s a movie made to please neo-conservatives, (it’s a Warner Bros. release, for crying out loud).  Haven’t seen it yet, anyway.  But my general take on Hollywood war movies past and present is that they are more about sacrifice than about glorifying war.

At any rate, don’t expect these Benghazi movies to put Hillary or Obama on the spot, either.  But at least they’ll keep the tragic events in the popular mind for a time to come, maybe into 2016.


Jehuda 10:06 am on February 11, 2015 Permalink  

Punked: Neo-Nazis Inadvertently Raise Money to End Neo-Nazi Groups.


Jehuda 10:44 pm on February 9, 2015 Permalink  

Well, they seem to lie about a great deal of things: Did the Obama Administration lie about Netanyahu?


Jehuda 4:33 pm on February 7, 2015 Permalink  

Journalism Is Hard: Brian Williams Stepping Away From ‘NBC Nightly News’ Amid Scandal.



Jehuda 11:13 am on February 4, 2015 Permalink  

Rachel Maddow, Call Your Office: After ISIS execution, angry King Abdullah quotes Clint Eastwood to U.S. lawmakers.

So the brilliant, old man who was dismissed as a virtual Alzheimer’s patient for daring to compare POTUS to an empty chair is not only the hot director of the moment, but an example of strength to be imitated by a non-radical Muslim leader. Funny how that happens…

I’m sorry to say it, but this is starting to smell of a World War.  If only the president had left all those troops in Iraq instead of removing them to…why did he do that, again?  I guess he needed them so that he could keep expanding our military presence in Africa and Afghanistan.

Symbolism should be limited to novels, films, poetry and the like.  Better to keep it out of military decisions…


Jehuda 1:47 pm on February 2, 2015 Permalink  

So, like everything else he does, then: Obama’s offensive against Netanyahu backfires.


Jehuda 3:59 pm on January 27, 2015 Permalink  

Mugged by Reality: Obama Drops Plan to Raise Taxes on 529 College Savings Accounts.

I predict a tax hike on gasoline instead, now that it’s cheaper.  You know, the prevent global warming…or blizzards or whatever…

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