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Jehuda 9:56 am on February 26, 2015 Permalink  

AKA Unconditional Surrender: Jon Stewart Leaving ‘Daily Show’ Because Conservatives “Killing Meâ€.

Who will be next?


Jehuda 12:56 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink  

Life Imitates The Onion Send a free sample to Al Gore: Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard.

I hear it’s a growth industry…


Jehuda 2:12 pm on February 23, 2015 Permalink  

The limits of party unity: Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned to accuse Obama of being anti-woman and anti-Semitic.

So at least we know what her priorities are…


Jehuda 10:39 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink  

Just in case you are headed that way: How to Survive Winter in Antarctica.


Jehuda 8:56 am on February 18, 2015 Permalink  

UH-OH: ‘American Sniper’ Effect: Rival Benghazi Movies Aim to Capitalize on War-Film Trend.

I must confess I find it amusing to see knee-jerk commenters around the web go into fits at the mere mention of this movie.  Not that it’s a movie made to please neo-conservatives, (it’s a Warner Bros. release, for crying out loud).  Haven’t seen it yet, anyway.  But my general take on Hollywood war movies past and present is that they are more about sacrifice than about glorifying war.

At any rate, don’t expect these Benghazi movies to put Hillary or Obama on the spot, either.  But at least they’ll keep the tragic events in the popular mind for a time to come, maybe into 2016.


Jehuda 10:06 am on February 11, 2015 Permalink  

Punked: Neo-Nazis Inadvertently Raise Money to End Neo-Nazi Groups.


Jehuda 10:44 pm on February 9, 2015 Permalink  

Well, they seem to lie about a great deal of things: Did the Obama Administration lie about Netanyahu?


Jehuda 4:33 pm on February 7, 2015 Permalink  

Journalism Is Hard: Brian Williams Stepping Away From ‘NBC Nightly News’ Amid Scandal.



Jehuda 11:13 am on February 4, 2015 Permalink  

Rachel Maddow, Call Your Office: After ISIS execution, angry King Abdullah quotes Clint Eastwood to U.S. lawmakers.

So the brilliant, old man who was dismissed as a virtual Alzheimer’s patient for daring to compare POTUS to an empty chair is not only the hot director of the moment, but an example of strength to be imitated by a non-radical Muslim leader. Funny how that happens…

I’m sorry to say it, but this is starting to smell of a World War.  If only the president had left all those troops in Iraq instead of removing them to…why did he do that, again?  I guess he needed them so that he could keep expanding our military presence in Africa and Afghanistan.

Symbolism should be limited to novels, films, poetry and the like.  Better to keep it out of military decisions…


Jehuda 1:47 pm on February 2, 2015 Permalink  

So, like everything else he does, then: Obama’s offensive against Netanyahu backfires.


Jehuda 3:59 pm on January 27, 2015 Permalink  

Mugged by Reality: Obama Drops Plan to Raise Taxes on 529 College Savings Accounts.

I predict a tax hike on gasoline instead, now that it’s cheaper.  You know, the prevent global warming…or blizzards or whatever…


Jehuda 9:21 pm on January 16, 2015 Permalink  

Science: The Psychological Reason ‘Billie Jean’ Kills at Weddings.


Jehuda 4:48 pm on January 15, 2015 Permalink  

Worst vote buying scheme ever? After #ParisAttacks, Obama to Enlist ‘Social Service Providers’ to Fight Terrorism.

First free community college (which is often paid with federal grants, at little or no cost to students). Now this. Someone is out of ideas…


Jehuda 4:40 pm on January 15, 2015 Permalink  

Tech: Man Saves Wife’s Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor.

It pays to be handy with the latest tech…


Jehuda 11:58 pm on January 9, 2015 Permalink  

Uh…because it has strict gun laws? WaPo: France has strict gun laws. Why didn’t that save Charlie Hebdo victims?


Jehuda 11:29 pm on January 9, 2015 Permalink  

Still more science: What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother.


Jehuda 5:10 pm on January 8, 2015 Permalink  

Science: New Theory Suggests We Live In the Past of a Parallel Universe.


Jehuda 11:08 pm on January 6, 2015 Permalink  

World’s Smallest Violin: Harvard Faculty Crimson Over Obamacare-Influenced Health Plan Changes.

They’re complaining that it all amounts to a pay cut. Imagine that…


Jehuda 10:08 am on January 4, 2015 Permalink  

Peak Left: France’s 75% ‘supertax’ quietly dies with few mourners: “The fate of the supertax mirrored the wider trajectory of the troubled Socialist presidency, which was elected in a surge of left-wing enthusiasm but has been forced to temper its initial approach in a desperate bid to escape the country’s economic quagmire.”

Mugged by reality…


Jehuda 9:49 pm on December 29, 2014 Permalink  

Frontiers of Tribalism: Where Puma and Adidas Were Like Hatfields and McCoys.


Jehuda 12:09 am on December 25, 2014 Permalink  

Merry Christmas!


Jehuda 12:37 pm on December 24, 2014 Permalink  

So what you’re saying is the Obama administration is involved: Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Download Site Slow and Glitchy in Debut.


Jehuda 12:46 pm on December 23, 2014 Permalink  

Of course he does: First Western Journalist To Embed With ISIS Blames Bush For Rise.

If Obama had never removed all those US troops from Iraq, ISIS would have never taken over.  But Bush put them there in the first place.  So, yeah, I guess Bush made Obama do it…or something…


Jehuda 2:07 pm on December 21, 2014 Permalink  

Toxic Rhetoric, Toxic Results: NYPD Shooting Suspect Referenced Garner, Brown Cases.

What a deplorable, unnecessary tragedy.   I just realized I didn’t blog much about the Garner death grand jury aftermath or the Ferguson one, though I did discuss it at length on Facebook (my time is too limited these days, it was one or the other).  My feeling is that though no one has to submit to the police in every circumstance, at the same time one can’t resist arrest without consequence in any circumstance.  Cops don’t have a duty to acquiesce if you resist, though excessive violence can’t ever be justified. But the state is force.  And cops are agents of the state (besides being human beings).  So you resist at your own risk.  If we want cops to have less opportunities to arrest us, we need to reduce state power in many areas, including decriminalization of many victimless offenses.  Asking cops to go out to their jobs – which often involve applying state force – and then expect them to walk on eggshells while performing their duties is asking too much.  There are cops there who amount to thugs with badges, sure, but most of them are just good people trying to do a job for which they have been trained.  And the training involves, again, the use of force.

Now, that’s one issue.  The other issue here is that race hustlers and radical activists for over a month now have taken the Garner and Brown deaths and turned them into battle cries against a supposedly racist society (which elected a black president to office, twice) and capitalism in general (how does boycotting Black Friday help anything?  Beats me.  I figured city governments could use the sales taxes to train police or buy wearable video cameras, but what do I know?).  And now that toxic rhetoric, in the immortal words of uber race hustler and Obama mentor Reverend Wright, has come home to roost.


Jehuda 11:31 am on December 9, 2014 Permalink  

Mugged by reality: Awkward: HuffPo realizes that maybe Obamacare causes doctor shortages after all.

Yeah, it’s a science called Economics. Don’t be a science denier…


Jehuda 6:22 pm on December 5, 2014 Permalink  

Journalism Is Hard: Rolling Stone backs off from U.Va. rape story.

Pathetic.  RS used to produce good journalism.  Even P.J. O’Rourke did some terrific work for them back in the day.  It has been for some time now but a shadow of its former self.  More like Us Weekly with tattoos and over-the-ear headphones.


Jehuda 8:40 pm on November 27, 2014 Permalink  

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Jehuda 11:47 pm on November 25, 2014 Permalink  

COMING SOON TO A GOP CAMPAIGN NEAR YOU: Obamacare loophole gives businesses $3,000 incentive to hire amnesty illegals.

That’s a loophole big enough to drive President Ted Cruz’s motorcade – and a bigger Republican congressional majority – through…


Jehuda 11:55 am on November 25, 2014 Permalink  

Mugged by reality: Schumer Says Democrats Erred by Passing Health Care in 2010.


Jehuda 2:52 pm on November 18, 2014 Permalink  

Today’s Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 50% off select PNY memory and mobile power products.Flash drives, SD cards, mini-SD cards and rechargeable battery chargers.

Get a deal while you can! Remember: if you shop Amazon through the link above, you benefit this website and yours truly at no extra cost to you.


Jehuda 2:45 pm on November 18, 2014 Permalink  

No one believed the first lie.  Let’s try another one: White House: Gruber’s Role in Health Law Was Limited to Economics.

So he did have a role, then…


Jehuda 10:38 am on November 17, 2014 Permalink  

Meh.  I’ll panic when we reach Peak Bacon: Manufacturers warn that the world may soon run out of chocolate.


Jehuda 11:40 pm on November 16, 2014 Permalink  

Loyalty: Dog catches a ride on ambulance to be with owner.


Jehuda 8:11 pm on November 16, 2014 Permalink  

Must be why they want to import poor people from Central America: Democrats can’t win white working class voters. (via Insty)


Jehuda 11:49 pm on November 15, 2014 Permalink  

How bad is Grubergate?  This bad: Even Slate disapproves: Republican anger over Jonathan Gruber’s Obamacare comments is justified.

Plus, even more video evidence that Gruber was not a mere “number cruncher” but instrumental in putting together the legislation.  It gets even better, though.  This video was produced by the Obama 2012 campaign (more specifically – and ironically – by their “Truth Team”. Or not so ironically if seen in an Orwellian context):


Jehuda 12:01 pm on November 13, 2014 Permalink  

Love your dog, hate the shedding? Up to 64% off on Furminator deShedding Dog Grooming Products at Amazon.

It’s the Deal of the Day. Get a deal while you can! Remember: if you shop Amazon through the link above, you benefit this website and yours truly at no extra cost to you.


Jehuda 10:49 pm on November 5, 2014 Permalink  

Schadenfreudelicious: American Power: Bwahaha!! Leftist Billionaire Tom Steyer Sees Little Payoff for Millions He Spent for Climate Change!

I keep thinking Obama is actually a sleeper agent for Karl Rove.  Or maybe he’s in Rush Limbaugh’s payroll. Here’s a little something for Tom Steyer and his ilk, just to mark the occasion:


Jehuda 7:40 am on November 5, 2014 Permalink  

CATCH THE WAVE:  It’s a Republican day.  And President Obama’s “I won” hubris has come home to roost.

So much for that “Democrat realignment” the New Republic was writing about only 2 years ago.

Of course, now we have to deal with 2+ years of Obama executive orders.  And that could get pretty ugly.  But one thing at a time…


Jehuda 12:49 pm on November 4, 2014 Permalink  

Election Day reminder: Early exit polls are meaningless.

Bears repeating…

UPDATE: But make sure to point your browsers later tonight to Ace‘s Decision Desk for live results.


Jehuda 8:12 pm on November 3, 2014 Permalink  

A question that could take days to answer: WaPo: Where did Obama go wrong?

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