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Web Integrator™

100% Java Integration with All Major eBusiness Integration Systems

Web Integrator is the ONLY truly open Browser-based application integration solution available ... in any language. It enables any production Intranet, Internet or other Browser-enabled production application to be programmatically accessed and integrated with any other application in the enterprise, via Java.

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Web Integrator Features

100% Java Full programmatic integration with any EAI or B2Bi infrastructure
Includes SDK and Runtime Environment Seamless, fully automated approach to Internet application integration Easy integration with EAI / B2Bi Java APIs
Resource leverage
Web applications remain unchanged Access to any Internet and Intranet programs Familiar browser interface Standard industry protocols

The Web Integrator suite consists of these three components:

Web Integrator SDK

No coding required
Identify and access all application logic and functions Capture application flow Automatically generate Java code
Reusable Java Beans
Faster, more efficient development Drag and drop programming Full object-oriented model
Runtime Environment

100% Java programs Fully extensible code Server-based implementation - NT, LINUX or any UNIX variant Efficient program execution Built-in invisible Java browser
EAI - B2Bi Adapters

100% Java programs providing interface to all messaging systems Server-based implementation - NT, LINUX or any UNIX variant Execute concurrently with Runtime Environment Full object-oriented model

All of the components of Web Integrator are written entirely in Java, fully support Java Beans, and have been specifically designed to enable production Internet or Intranet applications to be programmatically automated. Once generated, these automatically created Java programs enable connectivity and true integration with any HTML interface application.

The Web Integrator SDK incorporates a straightforward "Capture" and automatic code generation process that enables any Java programmer to quickly and easily integrate a browser-based application with any other application in the enterprise. Most importantly, the SDK provides total access to program logic and all underlying data, regardless of database structure or format, without requiring any changes to the application.

The real power of this product lies in the simplicity, speed and elegance with which it automatically generates the Java Beans representing application interaction. Its productivity benefits will result in hundreds of hours being saved during a normal integration project. Support exists today for any application that can be accessed via HTML and will soon support the integration of XML-based applications as well.

Another valuable feature of the SDK is its inline testing facility, which helps the developer insure that they have captured the appropriate and desired functionality. And, any number of application functions, from the same or different Internet or Intranet systems, can be combined, dramatically increasing the power of the integration.

Web Integrator can easily integrate any new HTML application into your enterprise through any of the major EAI or B2Bi systems by providing access to the underlying production data of any application that can communicate via the messaging event protocol. Web Integrator Adapters execute concurrently with the Runtime Environment and bind Web Integrator and the eBusiness Integration systems together.

For more information and details on Web Integrator, please review the materials below.

View/Download       Web Integrator Datasheet (290K)
View/Download       Web Integrator Application Example PowerPoint Zip (2.4MB)
View/Download       Web Integrator Product Demonstration (13.7MB)

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