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This is a simple system for photographers to publish a portfolio. It is offered under the BSD license (free).

REQUIREMENTS: Unix/Linux, Apache 1.3.x, PHP 4.2+ with GD 2 libraries, and MySQL 3.23+. PHP will need to have short_tags enabled (it usually is).

FEATURES: auto-generated thumbnails; meta data for photos; search engine to query all that meta data; and thanks to HTMLArea, if you use Internet Explorer to fill out the text entry forms in the admin area, you'll be able to use a MS Word-like interface, so you can enter formatted text without writing HTML.

You can bypass the auto-thumbnail, and upload your own thumbnail images if needed. This has the added bonus of avoiding the GD library, handy if you don't have that installed.

A readme file is included, which will baby-step you through installation. But you'll still need to know how to change file permissions.


PHPortfolio 1.3, 80 KB, released March 3, 2004.


I've added a forum for discussion about PHPortfolio. I have moved all the sample Web sites to the forum. Also, any future community based patches should be uploaded there.


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