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phpBB Podcast

This is a mod for phpBB. It is offered under the GPL license (free). All this does is add a file upload field for podcasts to the New Topic page (and it obviously stores those podcasts). This is typically used in conjuction with phpBB Blog, as it will actually put the podcast into an RSS feed.

(If that sounded like a lot of gibberish, odds are good you don't need this. However, the basic summary is: a blog is a Web-based journal, and a podcast is an audio file that is attached to a journal entry. I believe it's called a "podcast" because people download the audio to their iPods.)


phpBB 2.0.x PHP 4.1+

Documentation is included. If you would like, you may peruse the readme file that comes with the download.


phpBB Podcast 0.9.1, 33 KB, released March 15, 2005.


I've added a forum for discussion about phpBB Podcast. Any improvements you make to my patch can be uploaded there.

phpBB Podcast Readme

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