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The final, stable release of phpBB Blog 2.3 is here! If you're curious to know what this does or how it is installed, check out the readme file that comes with the download. This release contains bugfixes and new features:

phpBB Blog is now aware of what file extension you've set for phpBB. Trackbacks can now be disabled via the settings.php file. An optional comment system allows you to show comments right in the blog, rather than sending the reader into the forum itself. Stylesheets no longer try to style all your TABLE, TD, and TH tags. When doing a fresh install on top of phpBB 2.0.18 and 2.0.19, there was a bug that prevented createtable.php from creating the table. Fixed. The RSS feed should now be iTunes compatible. The RSS feed now properly links to the permalink. Fixed a calendar bug – the months Jan 2006 & May 2005 now display properly.


phpBB Blog 2.3, 56 KB, released January 11, 2006.


I've added a forum for discussion about phpBB Blog. Any future community-based patches should be uploaded there.

Sample Blogs

Many people have put phpBB Blog into use. You can see a fairly long list of the better ones if you would like to visit some.

Regarding the "SQL Injection" advisories

A researcher recently reviewed the phpBB Blog code, and concluded that phpBB Blog has a vulnerability to SQL injection. The security community copied his report. There's just one problem: the vulnerability reported is incorrect. No solution is required, no patch will be issued. If you are running phpBB Blog, you do not need to do anything. The code does not have the SQL injection vulnerability they describe.

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