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Saved Games: Lionheart

Here are my saved games for Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. My installation of Lionheart included the bonus disk, so you'll probably need that. Or not.  I don't know.

Note that these saved games are for the Lionheart CRPG. They have nothing to do with FF, if you know what that is. Also note that I no longer even own the game Lionheart, so I cannot tell you what level my character was at when he was ready to leave Barcelona. If you get the game working, would you let me know so I can update the listing?  Thanks.

File Name Character Level Description
Edonjuststarting.zip Edon 1 My character, Edon, has just begun the game. Use this only if you wish to jump right in without doing any character setup.
EdonleavesBarcelona.zip Edon ? Edon has finished the Barcelona quests, and is about to leave in search of more adventure.

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