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Diablo 2 Saved Games

New: Mogrin the druid!  Added July 2, 2008.  Find him in the second list of saves, near the bottom half of this page.

Below are my Diablo 2 saved games.  I never play hardcore, nightmare, or hell.  So these characters are best used as "starters" for your campaigns.  For higher-level goodness, I suggest trying Steven Kravitz's D2 Saved Games page, or Diablo Watch.

If you have no idea how to install saved games, you should read my tutorial.

No expansion needed

This first batch of saved characters do not need the expansion.

File Name Class Level Comment all 3-23 this archive contains every saved game listed, in case you want them all Barbarian 7 30 unused stat points, 3 unused skill points, regeneration +2 amulet Barbarian 21 strong armor, good weapons, double swing, concentrating on combat masteries Amazon 16 concentrating on javelin (jab), and passive skills (avoid, dodge) Barbarian 14 axe mastery, shout, double swing Necromancer 20 good armor & rings, has golems and iron maiden Sorceress 12 lots of gems, frost nova & static field Sorceress 15 fully gemmed staff, rune buckle belt, cold spells & 6 points in warmth Barbarian 12 increased attack speed, increased run speed, fast recovery, axe mastery, double swing Necromancer 23 increased attack speed, increased run speed, fast recovery, golems, bone spear Necromancer 15 teeth & golem skills, bloodfist gloves, stone winding belt (nice!) Paladin 6 death's guard sash (cannot be frozen), holy fire aura Paladin 3 hasn't done any quests yet, should make first quest easy Paladin 9 has a couple nice scepters, has 5 unused skill points, and 10 unused stat points Amazon 13 angelic mangle ring mail, nice armor & weapons for level 13, bowazon, multiple shot Sorceress 16 nice staves & armor, lots of cold spells, private stash full of gems & skulls Barbarian 17 sword mastery & double swing, some warcries Barbarian 5 axe mastery, on the 3rd quest (finding cain) already

Expansion required

This second batch of saved characters do require the expansion.

File Name Class Level Comment Assassin 32 Sanders Taboo (gloves), Sanders Riprap (boots), Replenish Life +16, +20% attack speed, +27% hit recovery, +40 faster run/walk, Burst of Speed discipline. Assassin 11 NEVER ALLOTTED ANY POINTS. All 50 stat points, all 11 skill points are available to you. Druid 19 Lots of good items: Umbral Disk (shield), Arctic Furs (armor), etc. Druid 21 Eye of Etlich (amulet), Replenish Life +20 (!!!), treasure chest full of gems, 6 points fissure, 4 points dire wolf. Amazon 20 Replenish Life +10, lots of gems. Assassin 15 7 unallocated stat points, 2 unallocated skill points, Burst of Speed discipline. Barbarian 14 Gale Knuckle Chain Gloves (nice!) Druid 9 NEW (added 2008-jul-2): FULLY UNALLOCATED.  You can assign all his stats, all his skill tree points, etc. Barbarian 8 FULLY UNALLOCATED.  You can assign all his stats, all his skill tree points, etc. Paladin 29 My first character, I put SIXTEEN points into Might. I abandoned him as unfixable. If you want a challenge, he's it. Paladin 20 +10% attack speed, +20% hit recovery, +10 faster run/walk. Sorceress 21 Vidalas Ambush (armor), TONS of gems. Amazon 21 Due to lucky equipment drops, this girl has items that give her a total Life Regeneration rate of +18!

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Installing Diablo 2 Saved Games

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