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April 2011 Archives

April 20, 2011

Returning to fitness, week 2

I didn't lose as much weight this week.  Kinda bummed.  I think I have to do what all my friends have been telling me to do: stop drinking sodas.  So as of tonight, I'm no longer drinking sodas, but otherwise my diet is unchanged.  I'm regularly doing 5 miles of walking/running now.  My weight is 197.2.  I'm a wee bit better than last week, but I actually feel fatter.  Probably because I haven't been doing as many sit-ups.  Photo next.


April 13, 2011

Returning to fitness, week 1

I ran 2 to 4 miles most days, did 60 to 70 sit-ups most days, and changed nothing about my diet. This week, my weight is 198, which is 4 pounds less than my original weight. I'm glad to be losing weight, but oh how it hurts to do this. My muscles ache, and my body is exhausted every night. Hopefully I'll adapt soon. I've not yet changed my diet much. Read on for the photo.


April 5, 2011

Returning to fitness, week 0

Argh.  I hate doing this.  It's so embarassing.  But two years ago, I wanted to get fit, and the only way I found that worked was to humiliate myself by posting photos of my progress.  It was a BIG motivator to post a photo that looked decent.  So... here I go again.  Each week, a photo documenting my effort to become easier to look at.  And right now, it's NOT easy, I am terribly out of shape -- 5' 10" and 202 pounds.  And here comes the photo.  Ugh.


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