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February 19, 2010

IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) eats form data

While working on some internal Web forms for Cadence, I came across a bonafide browser bug that I had never seen before.  Some people were filling out a form, but the form sometimes wouldn't work -- data was lost, and we couldn't figure out why.  Eventually I had eliminated bugs in my PHP code and as a last resort, I put a sniffer on the wire to watch the traffic.  What I found was amazing to me.  Internet Explorer 6 will fail to encode data properly (wiping out the first field) under very particular circumstances.  What's interesting is that, searching across the Internet, I found lots of people having the bug but not a lot of solutions.  That's odd, right?  I mean, IE 6 is a really old browser.  All the problems with it should have workarounds now, just as the box model issues in IE 6 do.  But this doesn't.  So I'll go over what I found, and how I fixed it.


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