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June 2008 Archives

June 26, 2008

Open Source forum software that isn't phpBB?

So while I was working on getting back into phpBB development and updating all my mods to phpBB 3, I got a few doors shut in my face.  I was always a phpBB outsider, never submitting my mods to the official database.  However, I never felt closed out, until now.

So I've posted a story on Slashdot that hasn't hit the front page yet, and I could use your help getting it there.  The story should open up discussion of the best Open Source alternatives to phpBB.  Is it Phorum?  Is it FluxBB?  Is it something else?

Please, log into Slashdot and then view my story.  There is a +/- graphic embedded in the title, and if you hit that "+" icon you'll give my story a boost.  I'd really appreciate opening a dialogue with all of Slashdot.  It may give me insight into products I don't even know about yet.  Thanks!

June 23, 2008

The Blog Mod, version 1.0 (finally!)

I can't believe I did this.  I have revised The Blog Mod for phpBB 2.  It includes multiple bugfixes, new icons, and more.  I gave it a big version number increase, up to 1.0.0.  That's mostly due to the transfer of ownership, not because of some big overhaul of the code (although lots of bugfixes is nothing to sneeze at).  So, it only took six years to get to version 1!

I don't know why I revised it, as it is not for the new phpBB 3.  But I don't care.  It was fun.  If you still use the phpBB 2 system, now is your chance to get a nice stable blogging system in place for your members.  Check it out.

June 22, 2008

World Ambassador, Matt Harding

Thanks Matt, for helping to chip away at the cynicism I feel toward the world.

I'll offer a translation of the song's lyrics below the video.

This page contained an embedded video. Click here to view it.


June 19, 2008

My son, the enigma

About a year ago, we started giving the kids chores.  They were constantly complaining that they didn't have any money, and we were constantly unhappy with the state of our house, so we gave 'em lists of housework to do.  My daughter took to it okay.  She balked at some jobs which she felt were pretty gruesome and deserved more pay.  But overall, she liked earning money and did most jobs.  For my son, if it was family cleanup day he'd pitch in.  But if mom & dad were busy and he was left with a choice to play a video game or earn money cleaning the house, he'd play a video game.  Money didn't motivate him at all.

For the most part, we let that stand.  If he didn't want to earn money, he could miss out and that was fine.  However, there were some things on the list that were not optional, such as keeping their rooms clean.  When the rooms didn't get clean, I attached what I thought was a pretty serious consequence -- any toy not in its proper place gets thrown out.  Again, for my daughter, this was fairly effective.  Her room got mostly clean, and usually stayed that way.  But for my son, this was a wonderful negotiation.  "If I don't clean up, you throw these things away?"

I nodded somberly, "Yep."

"Okay," he replied.  And then he left his room a complete mess and went outside to play with the neighborhood kids instead.  Of course, I called his bluff.  I put a ton of his toys in a garbage bag.  Only it turns out he wasn't bluffing.  He saw the bag and shrugged it off.  It was almost as if this was a cost vs. benefit calculation for him -- the cost of a free afternoon was giving up some toys?  Yeah, worth it.  Done.  As a bonus, he got me to clean his room for him.

I did not see that one coming.

June 11, 2008

I'm Voting Republican!

June 4, 2008

Tony's Friendly Table Sorter

This is – I think – my first cup of awesomesauce, ever.  This code is beautiful.  I've had a lot of Open Source projects, yes.  But they were all done fast – in a weekend, when I could cram it in.  But this baby?  She's all curves.  Try clicking these table headers:

Title Version Publisher Money Created
Geeema 1.0.1 goop#5 $5 27 Feb 2008
Hello World! 1.0 tisad $5,000 21 Apr 2008
when? 1.0.3 illinois $5000.01 20 Feb 2008
en-us 1.0.1 #du $500.00 10 Apr 2008

Yeah. Want a cup? It's yours, for free.


June 2, 2008

How to tell if a Bondi iMac is Rev. A or Rev. B

Image of Bondi iMac, courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc.I was given an iMac recently, and decided to burn a little cash on upgrading it.  However, I had a problem.  I knew I had a Bondi iMac, but I couldn't tell if it was revision A or B.  They're both teal, they have the same form factor, and there are no visible markings to differentiate them.

It does make a difference when upgrading.  For example, the revision A iMac can only use up to 384 megs of RAM, while the revision B iMac can take 512 megs of RAM.

It has been nine years since the original iMac arrived on the scene, so my assumption was that this is a solved problem.  I'd hop online, search for a hint, and discover an easy way to tell the difference between them.  But no, it's not solved.  However, it turns out that it can be solved, pretty easily.


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