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November 2007 Archives

November 27, 2007

Getting back to healthy, weekend 4

The Thanksgiving surprise!  You would think the holidays would have killed any chances of me losing weight, but I lost weight anyway.  At one point during the week, I was down a lot!  However, by the time I weighed myself on Sunday night, my loss was less spectacular.  So let's get these photos over with.  :)


November 19, 2007

Getting back to healthy, weekend 3

Week 3, the big disappointment!  My ongoing experiment to lose weight just as John Stone did takes a turn for the worse.  Watch out, these photos will hurt your eyes.


November 12, 2007

Getting back to healthy, weekend 2

OK, it's not really the weekend anymore.  It's Monday night as I write this.  But I weighed myself yesterday, and I got the photos done tonight, so let's get this thing done.


November 4, 2007

Getting back to healthy, weekend 1

A long while ago, I saw the John Stone Fitness photos.  Back when I first saw the photos, he had only been working out for a year, and at that point, I really liked the results.  Nowadays, his recent photos are scary... it looks like he's on steroids.  But the point is, at the time I saw the photos, I felt that it was hugely motivational to post monthly photos of his progress towards getting healthy.

Well, this past week, I finally had to take a day off from work and just sleep for hours and hours.  I was exhausted.  I wasn't eating right.  I took in too much sugar, and I relied on multiple Pepsi breaks to caffinate me to keep me going.  It was necessary to some degree – I had just started a new job at a big Internet company, and I intended to learn a lot, stay focused, and become a better Web Developer.  And I truly am a better developer, after just a few months on the job.  But now that I've made progress on that front, it's time to make progress on the health front too.

So, I'm going to start posting photos of myself, just as John Stone did.  But I'm going to post them every weekend, and I'll do my best to get fit without turning into a "jock on 'roids" – which is what one person called John.  Also, I have my own weight loss secret to reveal, so let's get to it.


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