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June 2007 Archives

June 4, 2007

Giving Movable Type WYSIWYG Editing

If you use Movable Type, you've probably gotten used to the bare-bones text entry field.  And you're probably used to entering raw HTML tags into your blog posts.  Kinda sucky, no?

Or, possibly, you've gotten used to paying for enhancements.  There are ways to pretty up the text entry fields, they just cost money.  But I'm going to show you how to get a free GUI for WYSIWYG editing.  Yes, this will make blogging with Movable Type a lot more like typing out a nicely formatted Word document.  No arcane tags to learn.

Here is a small screenshot of what you'll have when the project is done.  You can click it for a larger version, if you're curious.

Screenshot of WYSIWYG editor.

Yes, you can work with images right in the text entry field.  That's how I added the screenshot.  Adding italics or other formatting involves no tags for you, just buttons.  Ready to modify your Movable Type system?  Let's do it!


June 2, 2007

GreaseMonkey script for Digg friends stuff

So almost immediately after posting my previous GreaseMonkey script, I was reading some Digg comments and noticed someone asking for some new user preferences on Digg – in particular, he wanted Digg to turn off all the alerts and boxes for the friends list.  I thought it was overkill to depend upon Digg for that, when a simple JavaScript would change it.  However, as with my previous script, it wasn't as easy as I expected.


GreaseMonkey script for Bioware forums

I wanted to do a little bit of JavaScript work, and I figured that creating my first GreaseMonkey script would be an ideal way to do it.  Even more, I figured a simple one-liner would be an easy start.  Ha ha on me.  I was wrong.

What I wanted to do was to stop the Bioware forums from setting the focus on the login field.  Because they do that, I cannot scroll with the mouse wheel.  It is very annoying to have to click outside of the login box on every single page that I read.  So I figured I'd just use the JavaScript blur() to stop the page from being lame, right?  Wrong.


Some lolcatz 4 u

If you don't know what lolcatz are, you can look up the Wikipedia article, or visit i can has cheezburger?  As an English geek, I am fascinated by the rules of this language – it is broken English, but it has rules about how to break it properly.  I am not sure I have mastered the breakage yet.  But I'm trying!

Anyway, the point of this post is that I found the LolCat Builder, and decided to try my hand at a few.  Fun way to spend Caturday morning.  :)  Here are my images.


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