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May 2007 Archives

May 28, 2007

Custom Profile Fields 1.2.1 for phpBB

Not much to this post, just wanted to alert everyone to my new release of Custom Profile Fields.  Yay for bugfixes.  :)


May 5, 2007

Digg blowout: whiney kids or something more?

You may have heard about the huge commotion over at Digg a few days ago.  People have termed it online "civil disobedience" and the first "digital Boston Tea Party."  But mostly people have been calling the Digg readers "little boys."  In fact, the group making that charge the loudest is Digg's own userbase.

And after reading Fred von Lohmann's overview of legalities of the issue over at EFF, you might wonder if these "boys" at Digg have any idea at all what a legal mess they're getting into.  If the law is not on their side, what in the world were they thinking?

Personally, while I'm sure a lot of juveniles were indeed acting their age, I'm not certain that's the full story.  So I would like to submit a counterclaim.


May 2, 2007

Graphics for Geeks

So I came across a color set today that is surprisingly pretty.  I decided that I would put together some graphics that use the colors.  And I am distributing these graphics to others, to use on their own sites.


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