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Tony's Portfolio

Here are some of the sites I've worked on.


I joined OnLive to do much more front-end work than is usual for me. My time went from primarily PHP & MySQL in previous jobs, to primarily JQuery, CSS, HTML, and PhotoShop. The image is a link; use it see a full-size image with labels explaining some of the work I did.

Yahoo! Mobile

I was one of about 20 developers responsible for Yahoo's mobile makeover. In particular I worked on the store, which is pictured. It was essentially widgets for your cell phone, even phones that normally didn't offer such a thing. I built the PHP/HTML interface, not the Java interface.

Yahoo! Developers

Tying in with my Yahoo! mobile work, I created a host of APIs for our internal developers to leverage. What this did was allow us to build an interface (pictured) that would manage the widgets used by Yahoo! mobile. Essentially, a developer would come to our developer site, upload a package (the payload was essentially some XML with meta data about the widget), and then we would parse it, pull the feed or data that was offered, wrap it in a Yahoo! logo, and serve it up to our 100 million customers.

Publisher Database

For Publisher Database, I was responsible for everything – publicity, press releases, marketing, writing, site architecture, database design, PHP development, AJAX integration, JavaScript, even colors, layout and graphics. It was the first of many Web properties that I built for myself.


For Agitar, I had two roles. Under Mark DeVisser, I did everything related to design & development of the site – lots of CSS work, design, graphics, as well as backend PHP, Perl, and CMS work with Movable Type. Under Gita Gupta, I worked with designers – they made pretty graphics, I implemented the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. That's more my style. I'm OK with graphic work in a pinch, but if I can partner with an artist, that's ideal.


NARSAD was a very difficult contract, but I am proud of the work. I did not design it, but every interactive or backend process came from me. I built the membership system, automated the forms, and gave them an admin system that non-technical employees could use to control the site.


Ravenflow was fun. I was not tasked with the site redesign. However, as it was deployed, there were issues. I was called in as Mr. Fixit. I did extensive work debugging the layout – it was originally a very poorly done CSS implementation. While it's still not perfect, boy, you should have seen it before! Certain page elements wouldn't even display due to poor positioning in the CSS, among other issues. In addition, I was tasked with rebuilding their system for processing forms. Lots of PHP and MySQL work.


Actuate was my first foray into intranets and databases. I did a lot of work with Perl. At the time, the design, graphics, UI, HTML, backend form processing, lead management system, and a lot of other stuff was 100% built by me.


Borland was an excellent job. I came in as the design guy – my first few sites had been pure HTML and graphics. But over time, they gave me room to learn Perl & JavaScript. I also had my first taste of PHP – at that point it was called PHP/FI. There are a lot of interesting stories around this time, such as the time we were tasked with deploying IntraBuilder onto the public site, as a form processing engine. Of course, IntraBuilder was built to handle small intranets, so as it went online, it nearly melted under the load. We could have told the IntraBuilder team that much, but they wanted to see it for themselves.

Mill Valley Film Festival

This was my ideal job in a certain sense. The business relationship wasn't ideal. But what was great was the development. I worked with Groove 11. They built all the graphics, and they're amazing at it. Excellent work. Then, I came in and used the Drupal CMS to build up the infrastructure. Lots of PHP work here, and I'm very proud of the detailed, geeky, hardcore modifications I had to make to get Drupal to not look like a Drupal site. The backend was amazing once completed – utter Luddites could go in and upload photos, add stories, modify events, post announcements, add members, the works.



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