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Midnight Commander: panelize or select all files newer than specified date

3rd February 2017

If you ever need to select lots (hundreds, thousands) of files by their modification date, and your directory contains many more files (thousands, tens of thousands), then angel_il has the answer for you:

touch -d “Jun 01 00:00 2011″ /tmp/.date1 enter into your BIG dir press C-x ! (External panelize) add new command like a “find . -type f \( -newer /tmp/.date1 \) -print”

I’ve used a slightly different approach, specifying desired date right in the command line of External Panelize:

enter your directory with many files press C-x ! (External Panelize) add a command like find . -type f -newermt "2017-02-01 23:55:00" -print (man find for more details)

In both cases, the created panel will only have files matching your search condition.

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How to: enable metadata duplication on an existing btrfs filesystem

30th December 2016

Just one command: sudo btrfs balance start -v -mconvert=dup /toplevel/
where /toplevel/ is your mountpoint of the btrfs root, -v is there for verbosity (not too verbose, don’t worry), and -mconvert=dup literally says act on metadata only, convert data profile to DUP.

This will duplicate both metadata and btrfs system data.
Verify with: sudo btrfs fi df /toplevel:

Data, single: total=10.00GiB, used=3.88GiB
System, DUP: total=64.00MiB, used=4.00KiB
Metadata, DUP: total=512.00MiB, used=286.18MiB
GlobalReserve, single: total=96.00MiB, used=0.00B

Explanation: on SSDs, mkfs.btrfs creates metadata in single mode (because of widely spread SSD deduplication algorithms negating duplicate entries). However, second copy of metadata increases recovery chances, especially so if your SSD does not deduplicate writes. Hence the desire to add metadata/systemdata duplication after the filesystem is created.

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Raspberry Pi Colocation service

29th December 2016

Exactly what the title says: Raspberry Pi colocation service, yay! At only 30 EUR/year as of this writing.

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Mail-in-a-box, Sovereign, Modoboa, iRedMail, etc

28th December 2016

Preparing to dismantle my physical server (and move different hosted things to one or more VPS),
I’ve realized that an email server is necessary: to send website-generated emails, and also
receive a few rare contact requests arriving at the websites.

My current email server was configured eons ago, it works well,
but I have no desire to painfully transfer all the configuration…
Better install something new, shiny and exciting, right? :)

I had 3 #self-hosted, #mail-server bookmarks:

(Sovereign, the 4th one, was addded after reading more about Mail-in-a-box.)

Here are my notes on what seemed important about these 4.
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The sugar conspiracy

19th June 2016

A long but interesting read: The Sugar Conspiracy.

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How to: install Windows 7 on a recent laptop/PC from a bootable USB drive

12th June 2016

If you had ever seen the not-so-descriptive error message
A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing,
then you have been trying to install Windows 7 (possibly using a bootable flash drive) on a recent laptop or desktop.

There are two major obstacles for a somewhat-dated Windows 7 when it sees modern hardware:

USB 3.0 SSDs and newer disk drives in general

Fortunately, both problems are easy to fix.
Just follow the steps below; skip steps 1 and 2 if you already have a bootable Win7 flash drive.
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TSW-friendly task and note management software

5th June 2016

A while ago I was looking for GTD/TSW-compatible android app.
I ended up using Trello, Keep, and Calendar.

But I always keep looking for new/improved tools, as right now I feel the best one does not exist…
(If the best one can exist at all – requirements and conditions change all the time, so there is no fixed perfect immovable target.)

I have been contemplating trying out the TSW methodology, but neither Keep nor Trello are quite there yet.
I ended up using Evernote; after recent management changes and actually trying to become profitable it may as well last long enough.

Everything was fine and calm until I have found workflowy yesterday.
In essence, it is very similar to the text-file-based system that I have been using for at least half a year.

Briefly, it is a web-based text editor on steroids, with possibly infinite nesting lists and seemingly full keyboard shortcuts control – no mouse needed.
I recommend that you try the demo – it seems to be fully functional, and there is no need to sign up.

This discovery made me read through pages and pages of this class of software tools.
Here is a very brief summary of my findings: Read the rest of this entry »

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