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  Cool Tools
Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. I am chiefly interested in stuff that is extraordinary, better than similar products, little-known, and reliably usef

  core77.com's design blog
Core77.com's design blog

Daily deals, coupons and freebies. Looking for a deal? We've done the detective work.

  Digital Tech News
Digital Technology, Entertainment and Media News Blog. High-tech news and reviews on consumer electronics, digital cameras, HDTV, mp3 players, ipod, video games, wireless technology, gadgets, mobile phones, computers, Internet and Digital life.

For tech fans by tech fans

  le Journal du Geek
Feed the Geek inside

  Markdown Monkey - Finding great deals for you.
Deals, Discounts, Coupons and Markdowns on Computers and Electronics

How-to articles, News, and Reviews of all things TiVo, ReplayTV and Digital Video Recorder.

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