Build Your Own PVR

A New PSU? Calculate Your Power Requirements
29 Dec 2013 10:15pm GMT If you’re building a new PVR or HTPC, it can difficult to pick the right wattage for your power supply (PUS). You don’t want it too high because this costs extra money and noise. But you certainly don’t want it too low because this can result in many different problems. This tools will help you […]

Philips Prestigo SRT8215 15-in-1 Universal Remote Control review
27 Dec 2013 11:44am GMT The  is Philips’ top-of-the-line universal remote control. It allows you to control up to 15 devices from one remote. The remote supports pretty much any infrared (IR) controlled device. That’s the promise. Read on to find out how it performs in real life. I’ve been using the  for about half a year to control 4 […]

3 HTPC Builds, Pick and Build Your Favorite
8 Nov 2013 11:44am GMT PVR’s and HTPC’s have become much more than simple media players. You can game on them and, if you really want, you can even get some work done on them. Last year, BYOPVR ran an extensive guide to creating your own media setup. This year, we’re going to focus exclusively on custom builds. Simply because […]

Sharing a Single Library for Multiple XBMC Systems
11 Jun 2013 3:35pm GMT

Your Own Multiroom Setup
11 Jun 2013 3:32pm GMT The pinnacle of every home entertainment enthusiast has to be the multiroom system. Control audio and video in all of your rooms from one controller. Centralize your collection and use it anywhere. Read on to start building your affordable multiroom system. If you’re starting out, you’ll immediately feel lost in the myriad of options out […]

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