European Union Takes Aim at Online Hate Speech
31 May 2016 3:03pm GMT Hate speech will hopefully soon have a shelf life of 24 hours or less in the European Union.

Google Updates iOS App With Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages
31 May 2016 2:00pm GMT With this update, when users perform searches in the Google app, any related AMP news articles will appear in the ‘Top Stories’ section of their search results.

Slaying Goliath: How Social Will Defeat Search for Ad Dollars
31 May 2016 1:00pm GMT Relying on search advertising for bottom-of-the-funnel action is a tried-and-true strategy, but ignoring the spectrum of what social advertising can offer is a recipe for disaster.

Facebook, MSQRD Kick Off Custom Filters for Copa América Centenario 2016
30 May 2016 7:00pm GMT The U.S. will host the Copa América soccer tournament for the first time, and Facebook and MSQRD have fans covered, literally.

Will Facebook Messenger Chat Bots Replace Humans?
30 May 2016 4:00pm GMT As a natural response to Facebook’s push to get more pages to use Messenger as a platform, brands are developing chat bots to handle customer service. How well is this working?

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