Facebook Debuts Featured Events on iOS App in 10 U.S. Cities
27 Jun 2016 10:00pm GMT Facebook iOS users in 10 cities in the U.S. gained access to a new Featured Events feature Monday.

iOS Push Notifications Have a 41% Opt-In Rate (Infographic)
27 Jun 2016 9:00pm GMT A study from Accengage analyzed 38 billion push notifications sent to 750 million app users during 2015 to reveal push notification opt-in rates and reaction rates across multiple app industries.

Brands Are Still Too Reliant on Engagement Metrics (Report)
27 Jun 2016 8:00pm GMT More than 60 percent of social media marketers surveyed said measuring ROI is still their main challenge.

Facebook Adds Slideshow Feature to iOS App
27 Jun 2016 7:15pm GMT Facebook Monday introduced a feature for users of its flagship iOS application, Slideshow, not to be confused with the ad unit of the same name that debuted last October.

Degreed Preps to Launch Personalized Learning App on iOS
27 Jun 2016 6:45pm GMT The app combines content from a variety of "learning sources" into a personalized feed, based on each user's interests.

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