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Facebook Testing Automatic Translation?
1 Dec 2015 4:00pm GMT Facebook appears to be experimenting with automatic translation, including the extension of that functionality to calls to action.

GoButler Launches Digital Personal Assistant App on iOS
1 Dec 2015 3:00pm GMT The app offers a human assisted AI service, which can help users make restaurant reservations, travel arrangements and more.

Facebook Offers All Employees Four Months’ Parental Leave
1 Dec 2015 2:00pm GMT What’s good for Mark Zuckerberg is good for the rest of Facebook’s employees, as well.

From YouTube to Periscope: The Evolution of Web Video (Infographic)
30 Nov 2015 11:45pm GMT Video is quickly becoming the most engaging form of content on the web -- and demand continues to grow.

Mobile Game Roundup: Headshot Heroes, Gelato Flicker and More
30 Nov 2015 10:30pm GMT We take a look at some of the games recently released on mobile devices.

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