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Those Dreaded Spoilers That Can Torpedo Dramatic Plot Take on a New Meaning
22 Sep 2014 2:58am GMT Revealing surprising plot twists and turns of a television show is no longer always seen as a social faux pas, and some experts are studying why.

Publications See Pinterest as Key Ally
22 Sep 2014 2:51am GMT Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and Self increasingly see the photo-sharing site as a critical source of traffic — and emerging trends to cover.

Fall TV Season Has Buzz, but It’s Growing Softer
22 Sep 2014 2:00am GMT Although cable and online television are making inroads on the network television season system, it remains intact, driven by economic factors and the struggle to determine what shows are strongest.

Warner Bros., After Shake-Up and Shaky Summer, Digs In
22 Sep 2014 12:26am GMT Over a year into a shake-up that put Kevin Tsujihara in the chief executive’s seat at Warner, the studio has yet to find its footing.

Advertising: A Thumbs-Up Brings Favorite Artists to Life For Pandora Listeners
21 Sep 2014 9:05pm GMT Listeners who click thumbs-up on a song on the Internet radio service could be treated to a live personal performance by the artist.

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