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Open Source: Iranian Photojournalist Reportedly Detained After Covering Protest Against Acid Attacks
25 Oct 2014 12:50am GMT Arya Jafari was reported to have been detained over his images of protesters deploring acid attacks on women in Isfahan.

Business Briefing: NBCUniversal to Settle Suit Over Unpaid Interns
24 Oct 2014 11:48pm GMT NBCUniversal will pay $6.4 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by unpaid interns who worked on “Saturday Night Live” and other shows.

DealBook: Roku, Video Streaming Service, Is Said to Consider I.P.O.
24 Oct 2014 9:46pm GMT Founded in 2002, Roku has become one of the most popular makers of set-top boxes that let consumers stream Internet video onto their TVs.

F.C.C. Delays Auction of TV Airwaves for Mobile
24 Oct 2014 9:33pm GMT A lawsuit challenging the sale said that the commission’s initial rules would cause some stations to lose some of their coverage area and viewers.

Consuming the News: Americans Don’t Live in Information Cocoons
24 Oct 2014 2:13pm GMT A study asserts that liberals and conservatives get their news mainly from like-minded sources, but other research contradicts this finding.

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