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Obama Needles Clinton and G.O.P. Field at Correspondents’ Dinner
1 May 2016 4:22am GMT The president turned repeatedly to Republicans’ nominating contest for comedic fodder at the annual press corps event.

Photo of Paris Massacre Victim Sets Off Press Freedom Case
1 May 2016 3:07am GMT A photographer who sold a picture of a man who later died has been charged under a strict French right-to-privacy law.

Ties After Three Periods Send the Fans to Twitter
30 Apr 2016 8:00pm GMT ESPN’s John Buccigross created a friendly online game in which hockey enthusiasts guess which player will score the winning goal in overtime.

Blackie Sherrod, 96, Texan Who Wrote About Sports With an Informed Swagger, Dies
30 Apr 2016 4:54pm GMT Mr. Sherrod, voted the state’s best 16 times, was admired for his lively style and for mentoring Dan Jenkins and other younger writers.

To Sell New York, the City Calls on the Ninja Turtles
30 Apr 2016 2:01am GMT New York City chose the crime-fighting reptiles as this year’s “family ambassadors” to woo visitors.

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