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Arnold Lubasch, Who Covered Crime for The Times, Dies at 83
10 Feb 2016 5:30pm GMT Mr. Lubasch, who wrote about a multitude of federal trials, worked at The New York Times for more than 30 years.

Michael Brick, Former Times Reporter, Dies at 41
10 Feb 2016 3:29pm GMT Mr. Brick helped cover the collapse of Enron, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and offbeat sports for The Times.

Beyoncé Song Lifts Sales 33% at Red Lobster Chain
10 Feb 2016 11:47am GMT The seafood restaurant chain Red Lobster said sales surged 33 percent on Sunday after Beyoncé released a song, “Formation,” in which she sings about taking a romantic partner to the restaurant.

Funny or Die Made a Trump Biopic, Starring Johnny Depp
10 Feb 2016 11:00am GMT The 50-minute comedy, made in secrecy, may establish a new Hollywood genre: the fake TV movie of the week.

‘Star Wars’ Sales Propel Disney Earnings, but ESPN Slips
10 Feb 2016 1:18am GMT A 6 percent decrease in operating income at the cable TV division, which includes ESPN, was attributed to the timing of some college bowl games.

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