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A Coveted Internship, but Its Holder Sues Anyway
1 Aug 2014 9:53pm GMT Kimberly Behzadi claims the talent agency ICM Partners violated minimum wage laws by not paying her.

More Online Publishers Let Readers Fill the Space
1 Aug 2014 9:51pm GMT Media companies are adding technology that allows readers to upload digital material like links, text or video with varying levels of oversight.

The Saturday Profile: French TV Executive Aims to Entertain North Africa, Too
1 Aug 2014 5:00pm GMT Bouchra Rejani, an Arab immigrant, says she has never felt out of place in a country that has had a troubled history of integrating people from her background.

Advertising: A Suggestion for the Right Shoe for Unusual Moments
1 Aug 2014 12:04am GMT Ads show shoes or bags and suggest occasions like “anticipatory walk of shame” and “starter husband hunting.”

Chief Says Discovery Communications Is Open to Deals
31 Jul 2014 6:30pm GMT Discovery has been the target of much merger and acquisition speculation as a series of proposed megadeals threatens to reshape the television business.

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