The Dropbox OS Is Taking Shape
9 Apr 2014 6:14pm GMT If you control storage and sync, you control a lot. (There’s not much left but apps, media, and the pipe.) Dropbox has storage and sync, and now a growing collection of apps: Mailbox, which is expanding to the desktop, and … Continue reading →

The Real Beauty Of Twitter’s New Profile Page
9 Apr 2014 3:06pm GMT Twitter’s new profile page — more photos, featuring your best tweets, etc. — isn’t really about copying Facebook or making a simple service more cumbersome. Rather, it seems to be about establishing your Twitter page as your main profile page … Continue reading →

Thinking Out Loud About Secret
8 Feb 2014 7:30pm GMT For the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with a new app called Secret. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s basically a simple feed of anonymous “secrets” that people are posting in public, with only a tiny hint who’s … Continue reading →

I’d Pay For: Twitter Blog Comments
5 Feb 2014 5:20pm GMT I’ve gone back and forth on Comments here on SplatF. On one hand, it’s idiotic to ignore the fact that there’s a community around the site, with interesting — often dissenting — voices that make good complements to my posts. … Continue reading →

‘Peak Mac’ Revisited
31 Jan 2014 5:05pm GMT Three decades in. How many left? Apple’s Mac business recently celebrated its 30th birthday. In an era where entire products, companies and platforms seldom last more than one decade, three is exceptionally impressive. And not only is the Mac alive, … Continue reading →

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