Why I’m Joining Quartz, In One Handy Chart
14 May 2014 6:30pm GMT Starting this Friday, I’ll be the new Tech Editor for Quartz, an excellent, newish business news site from Atlantic Media. Why? Here’s the quick version: A little more on that middle part about City Notes, the mobile startup I’ve been … Continue reading →

The Dropbox OS Is Taking Shape
9 Apr 2014 6:14pm GMT If you control storage and sync, you control a lot. (There’s not much left but apps, media, and the pipe.) Dropbox has storage and sync, and now a growing collection of apps: Mailbox, which is expanding to the desktop, and … Continue reading →

The Real Beauty Of Twitter’s New Profile Page
9 Apr 2014 3:06pm GMT Twitter’s new profile page — more photos, featuring your best tweets, etc. — isn’t really about copying Facebook or making a simple service more cumbersome. Rather, it seems to be about establishing your Twitter page as your main profile page … Continue reading →

Thinking Out Loud About Secret
8 Feb 2014 7:30pm GMT For the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with a new app called Secret. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s basically a simple feed of anonymous “secrets” that people are posting in public, with only a tiny hint who’s … Continue reading →

I’d Pay For: Twitter Blog Comments
5 Feb 2014 5:20pm GMT I’ve gone back and forth on Comments here on SplatF. On one hand, it’s idiotic to ignore the fact that there’s a community around the site, with interesting — often dissenting — voices that make good complements to my posts. … Continue reading →

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