The Best of SplatF
16 Sep 2014 4:46am GMT From mid-2011 through early 2014, SplatF was my tech news and analysis site. I started the site as an experiment in self-publishing, and it quickly became a full-time effort. I gradually published less, focusing on other projects. Reading back through the … Continue reading →

Coffee Sleeves from Around the World
16 Sep 2014 2:32am GMT Collected from: Télescope, Paris, Irving Farm, New York, Fika, New York, Nook, Seoul, Lamill Coffee, Los Angeles, Think Coffee, New York, Saturdays Surf, New York, and Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago. (Previously published on City Notes.)

Reading List — Sept. 14, 2014
15 Sep 2014 1:27am GMT Recent work: A Tribute to the Classic iPod at Quartz, The Hidden Structure of Apple Keynotes at Quartz, and The Spouse’s Survival Guide to Fashion Week at Elle.

Superba Food + Bread, Los Angeles
15 Sep 2014 1:23am GMT This great new café and restaurant opened while we were visiting Los Angeles earlier this year. We went back many times for coffee. It was also an inspiration for this website’s new color scheme.

Why I’m Joining Quartz, In One Handy Chart
14 May 2014 6:30pm GMT Starting this Friday, I’ll be the new Tech Editor for Quartz, an excellent, newish business news site from Atlantic Media. Why? Here’s the quick version: A little more on that middle part about City Notes, the mobile startup I’ve been … Continue reading →

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