Introducing City Notes (Again)
6 Dec 2015 8:11pm GMT Hello! City Notes is a list of the best and most interesting places by Dan Frommer (that’s me!) and friends, relaunched in late 2015. Most travel information is based on an outdated concept of “tourism.” Or it’s a boring collection … Continue reading →

Atlas, a New Chart and Data Website from Quartz
23 Jun 2015 5:24pm GMT My colleagues at Quartz just launched Atlas, a new chart-building, browsing, and exploring website. Check out the homepage or jump directly to Apple charts or all of my charts. One of the nice things about Atlas is that it allows us … Continue reading →

Shopping List — June 7, 2015
7 Jun 2015 1:47pm GMT Recent Amazon purchases: Superfeet green insoles, Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten-free “everything” pretzels, Bounty select-a-size paper towels, 3-foot USB-C cord, Jayone seaweed snacks, and “Designing Design” by Muji’s Kenya Hara.

Measuring a Month With the Apple Watch
7 Jun 2015 1:19pm GMT My second review is at Quartz. (First one here.)

A Year at Quartz
20 May 2015 2:24pm GMT This week I celebrated my first year working as Quartz’s tech editor. As suspected, working in an office full of really smart, interesting people is great fun. I’ve also had a chance to write some of my favorite stories yet. These include: … Continue reading →

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