Atlas, a New Chart and Data Website from Quartz
23 Jun 2015 5:24pm GMT My colleagues at Quartz just launched Atlas, a new chart-building, browsing, and exploring website. Check out the homepage or jump directly to Apple charts or all of my charts. One of the nice things about Atlas is that it allows us … Continue reading →

Shopping List — June 7, 2015
7 Jun 2015 1:47pm GMT Recent Amazon purchases: Superfeet green insoles, Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten-free “everything” pretzels, Bounty select-a-size paper towels, 3-foot USB-C cord, Jayone seaweed snacks, and “Designing Design” by Muji’s Kenya Hara.

Measuring a Month With the Apple Watch
7 Jun 2015 1:19pm GMT My second review is at Quartz. (First one here.)

A Year at Quartz
20 May 2015 2:24pm GMT This week I celebrated my first year working as Quartz’s tech editor. As suspected, working in an office full of really smart, interesting people is great fun. I’ve also had a chance to write some of my favorite stories yet. These include: … Continue reading →

Reading List — May 14, 2015
14 May 2015 3:22pm GMT Recent work: The new project from the man behind the Apple Store, the AOL-Verizon deal explained in two charts, and how Gogo is finally going to speed up its inflight wifi. All at Quartz.

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