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Cabel Sasser’s 2015 Fourth of July Fireworks Roundup
4 Jul 2015 9:41pm GMT Cabel’s annual compendium of weird fireworks, celebrating everything great about this holiday.  ★ 

[Sponsor] Nest Cam
4 Jul 2015 9:16pm GMT My thanks to Nest for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed to promote the new Nest Cam. Nest Cam gives you a remote window into your home, with 1080p HD, 130° field of vision, better Night Vision, motion-detection alerts, and a stand that can go anywhere. Everything can stream live to your phone, tablet, or laptop — and up to 30 days of footage can be stored in the cloud with a Nest Aware subscription. The picture quality looks remarkable.

Posting New Songs to Connect Is Hard
4 Jul 2015 5:22pm GMT Dave Wiskus: Uploading a song in the Music app is clunky. In order to get the song to post, it has to be available in My Music. Which means that I need to import the track to iTunes on my Mac, convince it to sync with my iPhone (a process that took about 12 hours and restoring my phone from a backup), and then go searching for it in a list that doesn’t immediately present with a search field. Apple’s goal should be to make it as easy — and low-friction — to post...

The Supply-Side Blues
4 Jul 2015 4:51pm GMT Allen Pike, on indie development as art: This issue arises with all forms of art. Even when parents see their children excel creatively, they’re of course proud, but often become wary. Your tuba playing sure is nice kid, but how about you keep your grades up so you can get a real job one day? Sure, it’s kind of awful to discourage a kid from their wild dream of being a professional tubist, but you know what? They’re gonna have a bad time. The cliché knows best:...

iMore: ‘No, Apple Is Not Adding DRM to Songs on Your Mac You Already Own’
3 Jul 2015 7:14pm GMT Serenity Caldwell: Yes, Apple Music has a DRM component. Yes, it sucks, but it’s similar to every other streaming service. No, it does not overwrite the files on your Mac to make all your music DRM-laden. For those Googling in a panic, here’s the deal. I can’t believe she had to write this.  ★ 

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