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29 Apr 2016 11:23pm GMT My thanks to Procreate for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. Procreate is an advanced, beautifully-designed painting app for iPad. It works with any iPad, of course, but with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil it is simply amazing. If you’ve got an iPad Pro and Pencil, you owe it to yourself to get Procreate. This is one of those apps that is simply pushing the limits of “pro” app design. And: it’s yours for a one-time $6 purchase. No subscription model or anything...

Instagram Is Testing a New Black-and-White Design
29 Apr 2016 11:18pm GMT Looks like a great redesign. I’ve been using Instagram since the day it shipped, and I’m still thrown off by the way the camera tab always looks selected because it has a blue background.  ★ 

Rovi Buys TiVo for $1.1 Billion
29 Apr 2016 6:58pm GMT Tony Maglio, reporting for The Wrap: Entertainment technology company Rovi has purchased original DVR service TiVo for $1.1 billion, or $10.70 per share. Talks of such an acquisition heated up last month, and now it’s official — pending customary regulatory approval, of course. That $10.70 per-share price represents a premium of approximately 40 percent over TiVo’s closing stock price of $7.66 on March 23 — the last trading day prior to media speculation about a...

Carl Icahn Sells His Shares in Apple
29 Apr 2016 6:39pm GMT CNBC: Icahn said China’s attitude toward Apple largely drove him to exit his position. “You worry a little bit — and maybe more than a little — about China’s attitude,” Icahn said, later adding that China’s government could “come in and make it very difficult for Apple to sell there … you can do pretty much what you want there.” He added, though, that if China “was basically steadied,” he would buy back into Apple....

Engadget: ‘Apple iPhone Sales and Revenue Finally Decline’
29 Apr 2016 6:35pm GMT Finally, a headline where finally is actually apt.  ★ 

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