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The Difference 30 Years Makes
22 Oct 2014 9:10pm GMT Kent Akgungor: 80 of the original Macintosh displays fit within a single Retina 5K display.  ★ 

Gmail Inbox
22 Oct 2014 8:32pm GMT Google at its best: a thorough reimagining of what email should be (along with some imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery inspiration from Mailbox). There’s a lock-in element here, because this takes Gmail even further — a lot further — from the concepts of standard IMAP, but how can you improve email in big ways without changing email in big ways? Interesting too, that it requires a beta invitation and an altogether new app, separate from the regular Gmail...

★ The iPad Air 2 (And a Few Cursory Words Regarding the iPad Mini 3)
22 Oct 2014 3:59am GMT I don’t think performance is any longer a reason to buy a MacBook Air instead of an iPad Air. The choice comes down to form factor and personal preference. This marks a turning point.

World Series Ballparks Are the First Pro Sports Venues to Support Apple Pay
21 Oct 2014 10:27pm GMT For the record, I’m rooting for Kansas City.  ★ 

The Ikealook Hotel
21 Oct 2014 10:05pm GMT Speaking of Kubrick, Ikea has a little fun for Halloween.  ★ 

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