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The Apple Watch Got Marco Arment Hooked on Mechanical Watches
6 Feb 2016 12:37am GMT Marco Arment: A big part of that joy, for me, is that this isn’t like anything else in my life, and the difference is refreshing. Most of my work and hobbies involve technologically cutting-edge digital electronics reliant on complex, inconsistent software, with a typical lifetime of a few years at most. Almost everything else I use and make is effectively disposable. This is a huge part of the appeal of mechanical watches for me. No electricity. Just mechanics. They’re...

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‘Error 53’
6 Feb 2016 12:03am GMT Christina Warren, writing for Mashable: What is Error 53? Well, it basically turns your iPhone into a brick. Why? Well it all ties into the Touch ID sensor on your phone. […] The problem occurs when an unauthorized repair center replaces a home button. At first, the phone might work — with everything, including Touch ID, seeming perfectly fine. But as soon as you go to update to a newer version of iOS (or you attempt to restore your phone from a backup), the software checks to...

Microsoft, Nokia, and the Burning Platform
5 Feb 2016 9:23pm GMT Evan Blass, writing for VentureBeat: When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division in late 2013 and began integrating the storied Lumia brand into its offerings, it was hailed by Microsoft’s then-CEO Steve Ballmer as “a bold step into the future — a win-win for employees, shareholders, and consumers of both companies.” Since then, Microsoft has folded much of its $7.5 billion acquisition into other divisions of the company, laid off thousands of...

Spencer Hall: ‘I Won the Super Bowl in a McLaren 570S’
5 Feb 2016 7:52pm GMT Nice take on what it’s like to drive a $190,000 sports car.  ★ 

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